Language Development Class (LDC)

The Language Development Class (LDC) is a Carruth Center Program which runs by semester. Enrollment for this program takes place throughout the year. LDC is led by a Speech-Language Pathologist or Play Therapist with an Occupational Therapy component built into the program. LDC offers groups for children approximately 20-48 months of age: Parents can choose to come on Mondays / Wednesdays, or Tuesdays / Thursdays or Monday – Thursday, four days a week. The class meets for 2.5 hours per day.

Language Learning Tools (LLT)

The LLT group provides a multifaceted toolbox to learning language by providing a unique blend of therapy techniques. We intertwine both sensory and language approaches to learning. The LLT group uses a whole-body learning approach that goes beyond multi-sensory learning. We take a child’s sensory profile and use it and use it to guide our activities.

Empower Hour

Empower Hour is play therapy-based and is facilitated by a professional counselor and trained play therapist. In Empower Hour, your child will experience an accepting and nurturing social environment while receiving concrete emotional and social interventions. Led by Haley Garth, RPT, LPC.