Language Learning Tools (LLT)

The LLT group provides a multifaceted toolbox to learning language by providing a unique blend of therapy techniques. We intertwine both sensory and language approaches to learning. The LLT group uses a whole-body learning approach that goes beyond multi-sensory learning. We take a child’s sensory profile and use it to guide our activities. This supports the child’s ability to regulate and process their environment; therefore, maximizing development.

This group provides a multi-faceted toolbox to learning language and features

  • Small Group Ratios: no more than five (5) kids with at least two (2) adults
  • Lead by a Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Multi-Sensory Environment
  • Group Language Therapy
  • Sensory Lifestyle Recommendations

List of group adaptations & modifications

  • Music
  • Dramatic play schemes
  • Cooperative play activities
  • Social stories
  • Visual schedule system
  • Brain gym
  • American Sign Language (ASL)
  • iPads


Download information now for our Fall 2016 LLT Group