Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor

Download: Baby Monitor – Language Development Guide

The Carruth Center is proud to distribute Baby Monitor – Language Development Guide, a perpetual calendar to assist new parents as they “monitor” their child’s developmental milestones. The guide provides age appropriate, easy-to-implement activities that parents can do with their child to enrich the child’s language.


Baby Monitor was written, edited and designed by the professional staff and associates of The Parish School, many of whom are speech-language pathologists who specialize in language development and are involved in early childhood education. The Parish School has been identifying, educating, and empowering children who have language and learning differences for over 30 years.


We hope that you will find Baby Monitor to be a useful tool. Please note that this resource is not for resale. Baby Monitor is available free of charge while supplies last. If you would like hard copies, please contact Amanda Arnold, Communications Manager.


This perpetual calendar was made possible through generous grants from The Fondren Foundation, Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation and The Lyons Foundation.