Occupational Therapy

In order to increase independent function, enhance development, and prevent long-lasting disability, occupational therapists direct an individual to participate in tasks of self-care, and work and play activities. Children who have a developmental or learning disability, cognitive impairment, or psychosocial dysfunction can benefit from OT. Among other things, occupational therapists often work with children who demonstrate difficulties with sensory processing and sensory integration, as well as gross and fine motor strength, planning, and coordination.

Occupational therapy may be indicated for your child if he/she has trouble with any of the following –

  • Gross/fine motor problems
  • Organization
  • Under- or over-sensitivity to touch, sounds, odors, taste, or other sensory input
  • Balance or coordination


  • Occupational Therapy Consultation (60 minutes without a report) $100.00
  • Occupational Therapy Consultation (60 minutes with a report) $130.00
  • Occupational Therapy Evaluation (up to 2 hours with a report) $350.00
  • Individual Session (30 minutes)  $ 65.00
  • Individual Session (45 minutes)  $ 97.50
  • Individual Session (60 minutes)  $130.00
  • Group Session (per hour)           $ 80.00
  • Parent Conference (30 minutes)  $ 65.00


Download the Occupational Therapy Intake Packet